Design a way to encourage and support individuals, households, businesses and/or communities to reduce food waste

Currently in the UK, we are throwing away 24 million slices of bread every day A small interventional change in the packaging of bread could potentially reduce wasted bread by as much as 80%, saving 19.2 million slices of bread per day.


There many systems at play in nature. Pine cones for instance, protect themselves by opening and contracting in response to external factors such as heat and moisture. Why couldn’t food packaging respond to it’s contents in the same way?


Research found that bread releases moisture over time. When this natural moisture is trapped in the greenhouse-like environment of a traditional plastic bag, the bread decays and moulds. The aim was to create a bread package that allows the bread to breathe without going stale or going mouldy.


The resulting packet is BreathePack, a plastic bread bag with tiny semi-perforations on it’s surface. The perforations allow the excess moisture out of the packet, whilst keeping the bread from going stale. The packet keeps bread fresher 3 days longer than a traditional packet. By giving people three extra days to eat the packet of bread, 19.2 million slices could be saved daily.